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Top Ten Medical Shows on Netflix to check out

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Top Ten Medical Shows on Netflix to check out

Owing to its accessibility in many parts of the world, Netflix has become the go-to home for most films, movies, and series lovers with great content across all genres. The streaming service allows binge-watching for its shows, killing the boredom one may get at home or just relaxing your mind. With the so many Medical Shows on Netflix, its sometimes hard to select which favors your needs.

With increasing acclaim for medical dramas in recent times, we are here to help you make the preferred choice in this genre, guiding on a few medical shows worth the watch. This compilation is for newer and older series, which are everything for any medical drama geek. Be sure to check them out.

The Resident

The acclaimed series has five seasons, with its fifth season still in filming, exhibits great drama both from the medical team and the patients, each with unique stories to tell. The show, which started in 2018, has hailed great reception from its audience. The drama stars an impressive no-nonsense diagnostician Conrad Hawkins, a resident whose assignment is to guide the new intern doctor Devon and enlighten him on his unique style of modern medical practice. The drama showcases struggles faced by medical practitioners, hence making it Medical Shows on Netflix loved by many. The pressure from patients, and the need for balance in ensuring patients’ welfare while ensuring Chastain Memorial Hospital makes funds able to sustain its running. The development of characters over the seasons is impeccable. The drama is sure to keep you binge-watching across all seasons.

The Good Doctor

The medical drama that made its debut on the screens in 2017 and ran for five seasons offers a unique twist in the medical field starring an ASD spectrum doctor Dr. Shaun Murphy. He commences his residency at Saint Jose Hospital and struggles with social skills amongst his colleagues but proves to be a true asset to the hospital with his exceptional ability to make a correct diagnosis hence saving a lot of patients. The cast consists of doctors and nurses whose lives are shown inside and outside the hospitals. It can also show Dr. Shaun’s life beyond the medicine geek in the hospital and has two serious relationships where he becomes better at socializing appropriately over time. The show devours emotional scenes, humorous moments taking you on a journey like never before.

Grey’s Anatomy, Medical Shows on Netflix

The great drama is no stranger to most people’s ears, having eighteen seasons with seasons one to seventeen available to Netflix. With its inception to screening in 2005, the multi-award-winning drama has remained relevant on the screens seventeen years later. With loads of character development and humorous instances coupled with spiced-up drama, the show is ready to keep you entertained all through. The drama develops around Meredith Grey, who rises from a young aspiring surgeon to a successful surgeon across the seasons.

Daughter to renowned surgeon Ellis Grey, Meredith hurdles through individual challenges amidst professional expectations. The show gives a clear picture of the evolution in medicine and the health scene over time hence remaining relevant even with shooting of other medical dramas over time. The characters have changed over the years, but some have remained in the show for the longest time.

New Amsterdam

The show first aired back in 2018 and has four seasons focusing more on health wellness and related issues in a public hospital. Its medical accuracies are off the charts showcasing heart and awareness across all seasons. The star of the show, Dr. Max Godwin, seeks to correct the unjust health system offering more chances for patients to get quality treatment. The script is well written, tapping deep into your emotions while showcasing medical crises in the daily functional hospital. Dr. Max is willing to fire all his doctors to save a patient off extortion of a cut-open heart procedure that he insists is unnecessary.

He is willing to change healthcare of its possible. He amends oppressive laws to make them more flexible to the patients. The cast shows high-level skills with doctors such Lauren Bloom, Vijay Kapoor, and others mixing dram twists with hospital-related affairs to produce an overall good show. It also showcases major crises hence pandemics like Covid 19 are relevant to today’s times and its ongoing filming. It is a show you’re sure going to enjoy.

The Night Shift

The hospital is San Antonio Memorial Hospital, and it is yet another night shift for the ER doctors, most of whom have served in the military before. The show faces action, drama & romance melodrama complete to give you an amazing work of art. The star TC Callahan battles his issues, including PTSD struggles with other doctors to treat patients. The show involves a lot of romance amongst the colleagues and loads of action. It started airing back in 2014 and has four seasons, all available on Netflix. The practitioners, just like in the army, attempt to deal with medical cases in rather unexpected and complex situations. It evokes the usual medical procedures with a touch of love and action and incorporates the military lifestyle and experiences to give the best possible care to their patients.

Chicago Med

The Chicago-themed series shows are well known, with the medical show being as dramatic and entertaining as it gets. It started airing back in 2015 with a total of seven seasons. The show was the most-watched medical drama in 2021 in the United States. It is increasingly becoming popular because of the drama among patients and medical practitioners. The Gaffney Chicago medical center is where all the drama takes place. With the help of nurses working at the emergency room, the doctor is in there to save the lives of their patients, both present ailments and underlying ones.

Don’t be too surprised if characters from the affiliated series Chicago Fire and Chicago PD are cast in the show. The doctors such as Dr. Will, Dr. Natalie, Dr. Ava, Dr. Sam, and others all assist in the day-to-day running of the hospital. Medical procedures and terminologies are well utilized. The hospital deals with all departments in a medical institution, with pathology, ER doctors, pediatricians, and surgeons all effortlessly working to keep the show entertaining. Even with politics and drama, the show manages to focus on the patients hence airing for the time it has been. You’re surely going to enjoy this show.

The Transplant

Since its inception in 2020, the show has received quite the accolades with the technique of airing simply impeccably. The show stars Dr. Bashir Hammed, a Syrian doctor who flees the war-torn country with his younger sister to become refugees in Canada. The doctor with ER medicine skills from Syria is forced to rework his way up from scratch and lands residency at the renowned hospital known for its Emergency Room department in the city. With a different life story and culture, he struggles to fit in with his colleagues but proves to be a valuable asset to the hospital.

His co-stars include Magalie Leblanc, Dr. Jed Bishop, Dr. Curtis, and Dr. Theo Hunter. The title is drawn to represent Dr. Bashir. He performs improvised surgical procedures that save the lives of his patients. Struggling with the trauma of what he had been through in Syria, he has to deal with all of that and the immense pressure of practicing medicine. The hospital is keen on tackling contemporary hospital issues, conditions that are more common today, and generally a modern take on the medical field.

Nurses, Medical Shows on Netflix

As its name suggests, unlike other medical dramas, the show is centered around nurses. The show started airing in 2020 and is cast in St Mary’s hospital in Toronto, Canada. The backbone of any hospital is the nurses who see and ensure that a patient is tended for and gets better. The show begins with the head nurse Sinead introducing a group of nurses. Their practical competence is tested by being asked to conduct a few of the medical procedures a nurse should undertake.

The nurses all have unique capabilities. Grace Knight, who was transferred from another hospital, fails to disclose the reason(s) she leaves. Also, one of the new nurses, Ashley Collins, is rather aggressive and quick to act. Keon Colby is the embodiment of true nursing with caring and nice traits. Wolf Burke is the quirky one. However, a true asset to the team, and Nazneen Khan is hardworking with a lot to prove. Like any medical drama, the cast has doctors who spice up the drama in the show. The show deals with different patients injured, pregnancy, birth, and emotional impact. It is certainly an interesting show to watch.

Nurses image Medical Shows on Netflix

Medical Shows on Netflix to watch out for

Call the Midwife, Medical Shows on Netflix

Call the Midwife might be the best drama show you’ll ever watch, specializing in midwifery. The ethereal take on the late 1950s medical system among London Brits makes it entertaining. It debuted the scenes back in 2012 and has 11 seasons, and as entertaining as it gets. With the medical advancement not nearly as advanced as it is now, the midwives in the scene recount the mid-20th century health care system and make a great show out of it. The dialogues between characters with drama spiraling across all seasons is one of the things about the show.

They attempt to cope with infant mortality issues that happened by using their midwifery skills. Antiques such as telephones, midwifery bags, aprons, and other items give the scene a historical theme. With nuns, nurses, and doctors, the medical practitioners at Nonnatus House, a convent and nursing home, are where the drama occurs.

The story begins with Jenny Lee, the newbie midwife arriving at the convent and is assigned Conchita Warren, who goes into early labor. The Medical Shows on Netflix covers the successes, failures, and challenges these midwives go through to ensure the birth of infants is done successfully. Other characters include Sister Bernadette, Nurse Trixie Franklin, Sister Julienne, Nurse Phyllis Crane, and Dr. Turner. The convent offers the most unfortunate women the happiest of births and cares for their children. It is a show worth its accolades.

call the midwife Medical Shows on Netflix

Medical Shows on Netflix to look out for

Heart and Soul, Medical Shows on Netflix

The Nigerian hailed show is one of the best shows of its times, with medical procedures aligned with spirituality and drama. The show has one season and aired in 2019. It commences with Dr. Sydney’s great return to Nigeria from New York and joins Lagos State University Hospital. He attempts to find the relationship between the perceived spiritualism and beliefs of the people’s health and medical conditions to knowledge gained from his education.

The patients come to him with all sorts of stories and ailments, and his job is to make a correct diagnosis and otherwise treat them. He realizes his patients have so many problems, and the emotional baggage that comes from this leads him to question his faith in God. Having run away from a failed relationship with his girlfriend. He has to dare and try and make new allies in Lagos who might rekindle his love and faith in God. With spiritualism and occultism entrenched into the DNA of Nigeria, a co-correlation and balance are needed by Dr. Balogun, the junior doctor, to make the best possible treatment. The show is unique, showing a scope of African beliefs and abilities.

heart soul Medical Shows on Netflix

Medical Shows on Netflix to look out for


Medical Shows on Netflix are always fun and interesting to watch. We have selected just a few of the many in the entertainment industry. We hope the above-mentioned medical dramas will keep you entertained all through your watching.

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