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How to Get Spotify Music on Your Phone

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How to Get Spotify Music on Your Phone

Spotify Music download

Here’s how to save Spotify music to your Phone and listen to it offline.
Spotify is an excellent music-streaming platform. You don’t want to lose that music if you don’t have access to the internet. Let’s look at how to download Spotify songs for offline listening for a more uninterrupted musical experience.

Downloading Music from Spotify Requirement

Spotify Premium membership is required in order to download music. Unfortunately, free subscribers can only listen to podcasts on their phones. You can download all of your music from albums or playlists at once as a Spotify Premium user. You may then listen to all of your music without needing to be connected to the internet.

Download Capacity on Spotify

You should also be mindful of two other factors.

You must go online at least once every thirty days in order to maintain your music downloaded. This is used by Spotify to ensure that your Premium account is still active. Spotify will automatically delete the tracks from your device if you miss the deadline. A total of 10,000 songs can be downloaded on up to five devices. You’ll lose previous downloads if you download something onto a sixth device. Spotify deletes downloads from devices that haven’t been used in the longest time. See which Spotify membership is ideal for you if you need some assistance determining which Premium option to choose.

How to Get Music via Spotify

Always make sure you’re signed into a Premium Spotify account before downloading songs. If you’re using Spotify Free, you won’t be able to download anything. Once you’ve logged in, proceed as follows:

  • Look for an album or playlist that you’d want to download.
  • Select the album or playlist you want to listen to.
  • Tap the Download toggle if you’re an Android user. Tap the clear arrow on your iPhone or iPad.
  • A green arrow will appear after your download is complete.

Spotify will notify you of your download status through notice or an in-app download progress percentage while you are downloading your tracks. Spotify will indicate that playlists or albums in the queue are ready to be downloaded.

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