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Top 10 Best 75-Inch 4K TV Review

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Top 10 Best 75-Inch 4K TV Review

4K TV have become a must-have for many homes in the past few years, and with their prices falling every day it has never been easier to pick up one of these incredible devices. Not only have screens gotten much higher quality over time, but there is also a huge selection of companies who create them – from Samsung, to LG Electronics, Hisense, and more!

The Top 10 Best 75-inch 4K TV Reviewed

The Panasonic TX-65FZ952B is a great 4K TV on the market. It is larger than most TVs of this size, providing you with more entertainment options. Its smart television capability allows you to use Google Cast to access more content through your mobile device or computer and Netflix. You have access to deep blacks and high-quality video without any loss of color accuracy. The screen itself is made from an antiversatile balance of glass and metal, which helps keep it safe in case a clumsier friend trips into it when you’re all watching the big game.

Samsung UN75JU7100

4k tv reviews Samsung JU7100

Watching your favorite sporting event or your favorite movie just became more enjoyable without sacrificing quality because of Samsung’s 75″ 4K TV.
With its curved design and beautiful color accuracy, this is a TV you won’t be disappointed with. The Samsung JU7100 series has a superb picture quality with 4K UHD resolution the colors are very vivid and the contrast is quite good. The television also has HDR high dynamic range which provides greater details in shadowy areas especially when watching movies. One slight downside of this product is that its refresh rate is 120Hz only, which might still be considered a disadvantage. But it comes considerably good than many other competing televisions out there on the market. The smart hub will also provide enough space for you to store all your favorite movies, TV shows and apps.

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LG 75UF850V

LG’s refreshed flagship 4K UHD TV is so good, it may as well be real 4) The design on the LG 75UF850V draws inspiration from the panther’s silky fur-covered body and it’s even “slims” than last year’s model. On top of that, its refined backlight technology delivers stronger contrast and less motion blur for a more lifelike picture. If you’re in need of a big TV that can hang beautifully on your wall (without breaking your budget), then this is it. It’s a wonderful investment that’ll make your home entertainment experience downright luxurious.

Recently, the LG 75UF850V was the latest 4K TV that received rave reviews from critics. The first thing many have noticed is how this set possesses the same great features as higher-end models at half the price. It offers a premium series of multimedia smart hi-vision offers with enhanced color performance and produces a beautiful and realistic picture quality. Another important factor for many consumers is when it comes to durability and lifetime performance.

Sony XBR75X940D

Sony’s flagship 4K TV offers a lot of standout features. First, it has a pixel structure that is low and this allows for sharper pictures. Next, the TV comes with 4K upscaling technology which improves HD images with the X-Reality PRO engine. Finally, this TV offers excellent mixed color accuracy so you get those natural looking colors every time you watch your favorite movie or show. TV manufacturer Sony recently released their 4K, 75-inch OLED TV. The set is priced at almost $13,000 and contains X-tended Dynamic Range PRO and upscales non-4K signals to near 4K resolutions by sampling pixel data from screens on the side. On top of this, it also has built-in Dolby Atmos technology so it’s a great option for anyone looking for a smart sound experience.

TCL 55P607, 4K TV

TCL has risen in the ranks to become one of America’s leading producers of quality electronics. The TCL 55P607 75-inch 4K TV is a great addition to the family with stunning high-resolution, HDR support and integrated Roku OS. The TCL is not just an affordable TV, but it is a top seller for 2018 as well. To be blunt, we were simply blown away by the picture quality that we were provided. This TV has just about anything that you could want in a large 4K TV. The colors are rich and deep, there is a lot of good contrast, and often times the images appear three-dimensional without the need to use 3D glasses.

Sony KD-75X9005A

This TV is equipped with a 4K X-Reality chip that enhances the picture quality because this technology detects the contents on the screen and automatically adjusts it. In addition, 3D images look fantastic because the TV can produce 2 images separately for each individual eye. It also includes Triluminos Color which creates natural coloring and X-tended Dynamic Range PRO which improves color, contrast and clarity in both HDR movies and normal movies.
This big screen is equipped with Dolby Vision and uses active LED Zones to improve the image quality from anywhere in the room. It also has VA panels which provide ultra wide viewing angles with less worry about having any At $6,598.99, the Sony KD-75X9005A is a pricey but it has a variety of features that makes it worth the investment. More specifically, it produces lifelike 4K images with vivid colors and deep contrasts. It can upscale any content so the quality will show. It also has high-speed crystal clear motion capability that produces incredible detail and digital sound with minimal distortion.

Panasonic TC-65AX800U

The Panasonic TC-65AX800U 65-Inch 4K UHD 2160p Smart TV with HDR – Dolby Vision & HLG support is a stunning smart 4K LED TV. The screen’s true contrast, precision and vivid colors combine to present the ultimate in home entertainment for sports and movies. Panasonic has been manufacturing TVs for a long time, and that experience shows in their products. The TC-65AX800U is one of the best TVs of the year. With 4K resolution, 3D capability, great contrast ratios, fast response times and true deep blacks (there’s local dimming on this TV), these are some of the best specs you can find on an affordable LCD TV.

Vizio D

Vizio D offers a wide variety of technology in a more affordable package. It’s 120-degree viewing angle is excellent for large rooms as it cuts off the edges of your screen while still allowing you to see what’s happening. To accomplish this, Vizio used its “X1 Picture processing engine” and places eight HDMI ports gently along its back panel to give you better access. Vizio D has a great picture quality with 3000 ANSI LED for optimum brightness. It’s an amazing TV and at this price, it really can’t be beat.


LG just came out with a new LCD display that features an OLED screen. It is primarily designed for watching movies and TV, as it comes in at 9.22 mm thick. This means it can match any wall color or style, which is useful if you’re looking to get a high-quality picture on your wall. The LG OLED77C1PUB has the ability to achieve perfect black on the screen and doesn’t suffer from the blooming that other TVs face. The LG OLED77C1PUB is an absolute stunner of a TV. It’s easy to recommend as the best 4K TV you can buy today. This OLED panel just might be the best television I’ve ever experienced, showing off all that HDR10, Dolby Premium Vision and Dolby Atmos can deliver in the perfect blacks and contrasts afforded by the OLED panel.

Samsung 75-Inch Class Neo QLED QN90A, 4K TV

This QN90A with a ten-bit quantum dot technology will change everything you knew about 3D TVs. Its color as well as contrast are excellent and the intensity is incomparable. It also features a Boundless 360 with 4K Active Crystal Color. If you are looking for the top 10 best 75-inch 4K TVs of today, Samsung’s QN90A would be perfect. This large and capable TV features a powerhouse of a picture, whether it be in 16×9 or with cinematic content up to 32×9 as well. The black levels are spot on, with remarkable contrast and details given high treatment by the VA display. Samsung has been a consumer electronics producer since it was founded in 1969. The company produces a wide range of consumer electronics, including LCD and OLED televisions, home appliances, personal computers, and more. They have received many awards for their quality products and services.


Please note that there are many televisions in this article with fantastic reviews, but these are just the top 10. In our reviews we make sure to cover all of the important features of each product as well as any customer feedback. We hope you find the right television for your needs because this is such an individual choice. In summary, the Samsung UE75NU7400 is a dependable 75-inch 4K TV with good picture quality and decent motion handling.

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