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5 things to know before buying a smartphone

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5 things to know before buying a smartphone

Purchasing a new smartphone can pose quite the challenge, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the different features and specs that each phone offers. This article will help guide you through the process, so that your hunt for a new smartphone is enjoyable and easy.

Find the Right Phone for You

There are many different phone options to choose from. Choosing a phone can be expensive and difficult! It’s important to figure out what you need your phone to do and then match it with the correct category or type of phone. Purchase a refurbished cell phone from trusted vendors in order to save money and protect the environment, or buy a new one if it’s necessary. Protect your privacy by choosing an encrypted model of Android that removes any data-theft possibilities for third parties. Remember, cellular providers have monthly pricing plans so always investigate what their policy is before signing up for your service plan.

How to Read a Phone’s Spec Sheet

By the time you get to the store, you should already be armed with info on specs and features. The first one to look out for is the take, which can be either a camera lens with a manual zoom, one with optical/IPIX/Clear Pixel technology or a digital zoom. And there are also sensors that detect proximity of ambient sound or light. Then there’s display screen technology (AMOLED, IPS LCD and TFT), RF signal exposures and talk time.

Comparing Smartphone Brands and Costs

A smartphone is a multifunctional device with many features, making it more expensive than a regular cell phone. Buying one can be confusing because the options are plentiful and different brands offer different features. Likewise, costs vary from company to company. In order to make an informed decision, you should first know what kind of phone you want. This will help guide your purchasing decisions and prevent impulse buys by informing your research before you even walk into a store

What Features Should I Consider When Buying a New Mobile Phone?

There are several things that you should consider before purchasing a new mobile phone. Specifically, the OS, the popularity of the device, the camera, and if it supports communication functions like Facetime for you (and your friends and family) will find useful. There’s also battery life to take into account because this is one feature that can greatly impact how happy you are with your purchase in the end.

What are Phones Made of?

The central components of your new smartphone are the RAM and the display. Beyond these light, fragmentary elements you have the device housing, which frames and provides a surface for these central components. The screen will be larger than ever with QHD or even 4K resolution, meaning that the pixel density per inch has not only exponentially increased but it also has reached values close to the limits of our eyes.


Purchasing a new phone can be an overwhelming and expensive decision. There are countless options available which can sometimes make the decision harder because so many phones have similar features. The best thing to do is take your time and decide how important different features are to you. For example, some people prefer a phone with longer battery life, which means they don’t need as fast of internet connection.

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