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8 Ways to Get Started Learning Computer Programming

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8 Ways to Get Started Learning Computer Programming

Learn Computer Programming

Computers have brought a lot of mathematical and scientific changes to the world, especially in everyday life. For example, we can send an email message or search for something on the Web with just a few clicks. Additionally, you may be wondering what steps you need to take to learn computer programming. This blog has 8 steps that will help start you out on your lifelong journey!

What is Computer Programming?

Computer programming is basically a set of rules that organisms in order to ‘think.’ There are no mistakes, it’s just “stuff” happening without a mind and without knowing why. It’s typically because we programmed the chips by taking random mish-mash of electricity from everywhere in the world into our brain so we can create something brand new.

What Should You Consider When Learning Programming?

Learning computer programming isn’t an easy task but can pay off when it comes to finding new opportunities in the technology field. However, there are some things to keep in mind when beginning your journey into learning how computers run which can help you find success while also reduce a lot of the stress that comes with trying to learn something new. One big decision to make is whether you want to learn languages or coding. Language-learning options include French, Spanish, and several others while coding programs include HTML, CSS and PHP among many others.


A primer on new programming languages, a roundup of exciting project ideas to get you
started, and tips on creating personal web pages. Démos are a new form of learning, not just for children but for adults as well. They use visualization to help tens of thousands of people learn how to code using topics like software, hardware, and neural networks. There is no drill or practice test; it’s all made up by the software. You end up learning a lot faster while retaining more information and less anxiety than ever before.


Coursera is a website that has a platform where students can access classes taught by top professors from all around the world. There are also “specialists” on Coursera which will help teach you beginner level things about programming like JavaScript, HTML, UNIX/Linux, and APL. Coursera is one of the easiest ways to get started learning computer programming. Coursera offers courses on a wide range of topics, including Rails (Ruby), Visual Basic, and even Machine Learning. Online training allows students to watch videos at their own pace, participate in live conversations with instructors, and access back- recordings of past lectures for those who prefer watching over participating. This program may be beneficial for those without the time or interest in enlisting in an offline learning course.


Have you wanted to learn computers programming and felt like you don’t know where to start? Udemy can help. UDEMY has a wide range of over 2,000 different programs and courses that can teach you the basics or dive deep into computer science. If you want to learn programming, Udemy will give you plenty of options in job-related skills. Udemy is a free website where everyone can get started learning to code. You can also learn from billions of video lessons that cover all skill levels and languages. You’ll also have the option to interact with your instructor to ask questions, or start your own course for others. Udemy provides valuable resources like the Udemy Market Place which helps people find connected people, ideas and opportunities in this global marketplace of those learning to code.

Microsoft Academy

Microsoft Academy was created in order to provide students with free, high-quality education to help them learn a programming language of their choice. As part of the academy, students may access additional courses and mentors at no charge. Microsoft Academy is a new platform for students designed to introduce students to the world of programming. The Microsoft Academy is an eight-week course that breaks down the complex world of computer programming into six lessons and two projects. You will be able to choose from Python, Java, .NET or C# as your language of choice. There are also options for English or French courses depending on what level your confidence in coding is at.

Rails for Windows by Zed Shaw

Zed Shaw’s book offers an organized “Get Started” guide for experienced programmers as well as people new to the field. The information is clearly presented and cut down, so no extensive reading is necessary. All one needs, in order to become proficient, is say thirty hours of free time and about another $300 USD for the book and associated materials. Ditch your PC for the day and learn how to build a website using Ruby with Rails. This 10-minute project will teach you how to build an ERB-based tutorial, leave some code as a gift for whomever manages your blog, and gives you more control over CMS platforms, comparison shopping functions, call-tracking scripts and video sites.

Code: The Secret World of Cyberpunk

If you have not seen the cyberpunk genre or any of its movies, it is a vague term for sci-fi which replaces elements of physical security and detective work with high-tech devices that think for themselves. The first computer program was written in 1949 by Grace Hopper and her fellow programmers she oversaw. It was called FORMAC. She coined the very first COBOL language that was eventually used by Apple Computers to “digitize” text documents into digital forms. This process uses unsupervised learning algorithm.


It’s easy to start when you make a choice to learn about something new. Here are 8 best ways for you to get started in programming. If you need more options, there is always YouTube, which has tutorials from the ground up in several languages, including code-shading languages such as C.

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