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Clean Your Computer With These Easy Tips

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Clean Your Computer With These Easy Tips

The benefits of keeping your computer system tidy and free of clutter are numerous. Learn how to get rid of some common gotchas in these quick and easy tips arriving at home as well as in the office!

Why Should You Clean Your Computer?

You may not realize it, but your computer is probably dirty! Dusty particles are visible on the screen when you press F8 to enter safe mode and take a closer look. Although accessing your keyboard and mouse may be difficult these days with all of this dust, it’s necessary to have clean hardware. Consistent cleaning does more than help your computer perform better, it’s also a good way to extend its life span.

How to Do a Quick System Installation & Upgrade

The easiest way to install your brand-new system is to simply load it up on a piece of paper. That sounds pretty hard, but it’s actually not so hard to do when you learn how to clear off enough space on your current computer.

Step One: Install a New Antivirus Program

Another way to protect your computer is by setting up a security program such as an antivirus. You need to make sure that you are installing the most recent and updated version of this software. A good option is Kaspersky’s Virus Prevention tool, which is an easy-to-use software that can be found at or downloaded for free for personal use.

Step Two: Scan for Malware and Unwanted Programs

The next step is to download a program called Malwarebytes. This program will allow you to scan for malicious and unwanted programs that might be on your computer. Once the scan is complete, you can perform a quick cleanup of the entire computer and uninstall any potentially unwanted software.

Step Three: Remove Duplicate Files

Step Three of the process simply looks for the duplicate files. Most computers, smartphones, laptops and tablets have tons of duplicate and unsorted photos, music and videos that take up a lot of room on your hard drive and occupying valuable HD space.

Step Four: Speed Up Your Computer by Removing Junk Files

Junk files can be created from any type of software installed by you. If you are running older software or programs, you should consider upgrading them for better performance and cleaner, more efficient simplicity. Although these have few, if any, advantages over a fresh installation, odds are that you don’t need all the older software still installed on your computers now. Use a search engine like Google to hunt down your old files!

Step Five: Prevent Computers from Becoming Viruses From the Internet

The Internet isn’t always the best place for a computer, especially if you’ve had some bad experiences with viruses. The first four steps are all essential when staying safe on the web and defending your own computer from virus-infested homepages. Step 5 is useful because it’s important to periodically clean your PC by removing cookies and other temporary information left behind.

Final Tips and Tricks

Make sure you and your friends and family are not the main culprits of what is on your computer. Users should avoid frequently running applications that do not need to be open, streaming videos and downloading content in real-time with multiple simultaneous downloads, which could potentially slow down a system.

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