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How to Format Your Computer In Less Than 10 Minutes

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How to Format Your Computer In Less Than 10 Minutes

Whether it be your own computer or help someone else, the process to format a computer can be expensive. This article will teach you how to do it yourself in less than 10 minutes!

What’s the Best Format for a Computer?

Formatting is a process that reforms the disk in your computer and clear it of anything on it – this includes caches, temporary files, uninstalled programs, and any other formats. The benefits to reformatting your computer are numerous. Primarily, you’ll have more space to use for other programs. It also clears up any issues with installing updates because all of the old components will be gone from the next one that installs. There are two types of formatting: quick and complete reformatting.

Formats Explained

There are three types of formats which can be used to delete or reinstall the operating system on your computer. These three formats are:

  • Brainless – similar to formatting a memory card in a camera
  • Custom – a balance of quick and thorough deletion that is good for computers with sensitive data on them
  • Low level Format – the only way to really get rid of every possible trace of your information
    The formatting process erases everything from the hard drive, so make sure you back up any important files before you start!

Steps to Format Your Computer

  • Download CCleaner and empty your recycle bin
  • Remove any unwanted programs by selecting Uninstall or turn off Apps under System Preferences
  • Reset the System Management Controller by pressing Shift+Control+Power at the same moment to turn off the computer
  • Use Disk Utility to format your system drive by clicking “Erase” then clicking on application for which you want to erase partition.
  • Click next and choose either Finder, exFAT, FAT32, or Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Whatever you choose will affect what shows up when before you click Erase; also make sure that Number of Partitions is set to 1.
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Why You May Need a Fresh Installation of Windows

If your computer has experienced too many updates, apps may not appear where they should. You might also need a fresh installation if the system is experiencing any issues with low performance or stability.

How to Speed Up a Slow Windows PC

Turning on a lot of Windows services when you log in can cause Windows to suffer from performance problems. There are many other different factors that can also rob your PC of speed, so you should contact customer service if you need assistance determining these. These tweaks will dramatically increase how quickly your new PC starts up and performs, with installation time reduced by 80% or more.


Computers are a necessary modern work tool. They let us stay connected to the rest of the world and can provide hours of entertainment at a time. However, to make our computers last, quite often they need to be formatted. Formatting is taken care of with the touch of a button, but if you don’t know how to follow the steps- it takes much longer than 10 minutes.
The problem with computers is we live in a fast life and no one has time for anything anymore. We usually do not have time for things like formatting disks because it does not happen as often. This article will show you how your computer should be formatted in less than 10 minutes.

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