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Learn how to Block Websites on Your Mac

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Learn how to Block Websites on Your Mac

Are you looking for an easier way to keep the unproductive websites in your browser from cluttering up your computer? Learn how erasing these sites can be as easy as making a list of them and blocking them altogether.

Open the “System Preferences” application on your Mac

To block websites on your Mac, you just need to open the “System Preferences” application and then click on the “Internet Accounts” tab in order to find the “Manage Website Settings” button. Clicking on this button will enable you to edit the list of blocked sites and remove any that have changed since your last update.

Enable the Websites sidebar in System Preferences

We recommend you always block websites on both your computer and your phone. There are a couple of widgets in System Preferences for this, including Safari and other web browsers that use Apple’s browser engine, but one of the easiest ways is just to enable the Websites sidebar. This will show a list of all of the times from which you’ve visited websites, with an option to disconnect those sites from accumulating in search history.

Pull down the “Devices” list of preferences to show all your nearby Macs

You can turn off an individual computer by going to the “Sharing” preference in the System Preferences and remove a Mac entirely. You can have more than one user account on a single computer, so if you’re concerned that another person might access blocked websites, put your own preferences in front. One other way is to use parental controls.

Turn off Access for specific website

If you want to either turn off access for specific website or block websites on your Mac, follow these steps. Open Safari and click on a link from inside the blocked site (usually in a message). Go to “Preferences” and choose “Security.” Enable Websites. Disable cookies from the site that had been previously blocking your use of the internet. Go to “General” preferences and then make sure option box is checked that says, “This Never Keeps Out Time for Ignorecookies.


The last option is to block all websites on your Mac using a tool called Little Flocker. It’s a free program that not only allows you to block websites on your Mac, but also keeps your information safe from being tracked. You can use it with WiFi and wired networks or in public environments. Though there are other programs, such as those available in the Mac App Store, Little Flocker is the simplest, safest, best one out there.

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