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How to Set up Your TV as a Second Monitor For Your Computer

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How to Set up Your TV as a Second Monitor For Your Computer

TV as a computer monitor

Whether you’re using a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or game console, the TV in your home can be an excellent desk assistant. By plugging your computer into your TV with a USB cable and running a fancy monitor operating system such as DisplayFusion, you can set up your PC as any number of screens for different purposes. Depending on the type of display and monitor that you have, it might even work with any other compatible software.

What is a second monitor for your computer

If you want to boost performance on your computer or laptop, buying a second monitor is an excellent way to enhance it. This can improve work efficiency and save time when using multiple applications simultaneously. However, what many people fail to realize is that you can also have the capability of getting more from your computer, including productivity and creativity, by connecting it to your television and having it turned into a second primary monitor.

How to Set Up a TV as a Second Monitor For Your PC

A TV set can provide many benefits, including becoming a monitor for your computer with the right equipment. If you’re already using your laptop to watch Netflix on, you might want to attach a second monitor usually reserved for productivity applications. With proper setup, you could get better performance from your laptop and avoid watching videos in clunky or corrupted formats!

Types of Monitors

A TV as a second monitor for your computer is useful for those who want the larger screen. There are two types of monitors for computers: CRT, or cathode ray tube monitors, and LCD monitors. One type removes power from individual pixels in order to create an image; the other uses a fixed amount of backlighting to illuminate pixels.

Where Does the Output Go?

Easy! You just need a display or monitor and a spare USB port – basically, anything that can handle monitor resolution at 1920×1080 and USB connection. You’ll then plug your USB cord into your computer’s ports, connect the other end into your second monitor, and fire up any application that you want to use as a second monitor with one-click. Voila!

Graphics Cards and TV

Purchasing a graphics card will not only offer you the ability to add more power for your computer, but will also allow you to download your apps to your TV. This can be achieved by taking advantage of what is offered as part of the Windows 10 operating system (which includes the set-up tool “Microsoft Display) or by using third-party software such as VLC Player, which has a Smart Stream option.


Many home computers now have built-in display options for connecting to an external monitor, but if you’re looking for a more affordable option its recommended that you use your TV as a second monitor. You’ll be able to find settings in Windows that allow your computer’s display to mirror your TV’s display. They will automatically adjust focus and brightness depending on whether you’re using the laptop or desktop version of the same system, meaning they’ll produce a sharp picture even if they are viewed from another surface like floor, a table, or crib.

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