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Forgetting your android phone’s password/pattern can be stressful and awful. But this doesn’t mean you should start panicking and think your phone is useless. Here we will see some of the techniques you can use to breach or bypass your phone’s password and go back to using it again.

Use of a backup pin

Most devices (android 5.10 and below) have a backup pin option if you forget your password/pattern. You have to wrongly key in your password/pattern at least five times to access this feature . A prompt message will appear showing an incorrect password and that your phone will stay locked for 30 seconds. At the bottom of the screen, a backup pin option will appear. Click on it to input the afore set backup pin.

Using the android device manager

Android device manager is one of the best services to breach a locked screen. One major prerequisite is the user must have logged into a google account. Once you’ve connected with your device, you’ll have to click on the ‘lock’ button. A window will pop up asking you to input a new password and confirm the new password. Type and confirm and then press the ‘lock button’

Using ADB to breach

ADB (android debug bridge) requires you to first have enabled the USB debugging option on your phone. You’ll then connect your device with a computer using a data transfer cable. Type the command ADB shell rm/data/system/gesture.key and press enter to execute. Restart your device and use it normally. This method is effective but time-consuming.

Using the Google account to unlock

You can use your google account to unlock, provided you’ve linked your google account to your android device. After entering your password incorrectly at least five times, a pop-up window showing your phone is locked for 30 seconds will appear. A forgot password button will appear at the bottom of the screen, and you should tap on it. On the next screen, you’ll have the option to enter your google linked account. You can now set your new pin or pattern by entering the correct information.

Recovery mode

First, you’ll have to power off your device. You’ll then press the volume down button and power button to enter into recovery mode. Use the volume button to navigate various options and click on factory reset. Doing this will clear all the data on your device. Once you’re done, power on your device normally. Using this option, you must remember your email address and password.

Using android-lock-screen-removal software

Launch the Dr. Fone application on your computer and click screen unlock. You then connect your phone using a data transfer cable. Input and confirm the phone brand and model. Boot your phone into recovery mode, and the recovery package will be downloaded. Once the download is complete, the android lock removal process will begin. The best part about this method is that it’s effective and will leave your data intact.


With the advancement in technology, forgetting your phone’s password should not make you lose sleep. Using the above methods, you’ll be able to again use your phone as if nothing ever happened.

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