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Does your computer often freeze for no reason? Don’t worry. Almost all computers will hang or freeze once in a while. But if it occurs frequently, it is time to raise the alarm and start diagnosing the problem. In this article, we will find out some of the causes for stalling and how to solve them. These tips will help increase the performance of your computer.

Too many open programs at a time

Each application on your computer requires several external and internal resources to keep running. These resources may diminish when running many programs at once, leading to your computer stalling. To avoid this, you should try running one program at a time.


Computers use electricity, and heat is a byproduct of electricity. This means the temperature of your CPU is bound to increase as long as your device is running. Excess heat will slow down your computer and eventually cause it to freeze. The best option is to use your device in a well-ventilated room and keep your computer ventilation clear. It is also advisable to stop using your computer for some minutes to allow it to cool down.

Insufficient RAM

The RAM in your computer acts as temporary storage as your computer processor and hard disk are working. Insufficient RAM may lead to the chips filling up, and your computer may slow down or stall as they empty. Sometimes, your computer may have bulky programs, which will also cause stalling. If this happens, you are recommended to upgrade your RAM or re-install your operating system. Also, running fewer programs may help reduce the bulkiness.

Insufficient disk space

It is always recommended to keep as much hard disk space as possible to run your device optimally. The best way to do this is by removing unwanted or unused files on your computer. Removing them helps your computer to run smoothly.

Failing to update your programs

One major cause of computer stalling is software conflicts between different programs. To minimize the conflicts, you are recommended to update programs and the operating software regularly. Updated software runs smoothly, hence the fewer chance of freezing.

Power issues

An inadequate power supply or sudden power surge may cause your computer to freeze even when you have a powerful computer with sufficient RAM. To prevent this, you may be required to install an uninterruptible power supply unit to handle a low power supply. This may help keep the system running for some time, even if power cuts off.

External devices

Faulty external devices such as a mouse, keyboard, or even a defective USB might lead to a shutdown or a freeze. If this happens, you are recommended to remove all connected devices and restart your device to check if it normally works again.


You may encounter data loss from the above-mentioned computer freeze reasons. If this happens, you may require to use some recovery software such as Stellar Data Recovery Profession software to recover any data loss from your damaged hard drives. You can access SDRP from

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